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We are a dynamic company with expertise and experience in providing end-to-end communication ICT solutions to our customers. Our professionalism, topped with dedicated team and high quality products enable us to provide top notch service at competitive prices.

About Us

We are a dynamic company with expertise and experience in providing end-to-end communication solutions to our customers. Our professionalism, topped with dedicated team and high quality products enable us to provide top notch service at competitive prices.

To be the most productive, profitable and cost effective corporation

Muzzam Teknologi (M) Sdn Bhd was established on 19th January 2005 as a result of business activities expansion within the conglomerate. We have a combined experience of more than 30 years in telecommunication industry with proven track records. Muzzam Teknologi is a 100% Bumiputera Company and a registered contractor for ICT trading, M&E works and communication works.

Our business are used extensively in a variety of industries including: public safety, fire, government, education, construction, hospitality, security, utilities, prisons, transportation, retail, manufacturing, tourism and many more..

Our Vision

To be an Excellent and Reputable Solutions Provider in Malaysia and South Asia.

Our Mission

• To be the best trading company that is recognized throughout the nation.
• To be the most productive, profitable and cost effective corporation.
• To offer the highest quality products and services at competitive prices.
• To be a good and responsible corporation.
• To strive to provide good services to our customers.




Installation and commissioning

Muzzam Teknologi offers a complete project management service, which manages the complexities of the installation and commissioning processes, ensuring a fully compliant and tested network at the point of delivery.

RF Propagation & Network Planning

An in-depth understanding of RF propagation and an in-depth understanding of evolving standards and protocols are some of the essential building blocks of effective network planning precisely what Muzzam
Teknologi delivers. 

System Integration

We work to ensure that system integration is as painless as possible. This includes managing equipment supply and making sure all infrastructure, terminals, racks and cabinets are in place as required. We also maximise existing assets and integrate new technologies with current systems.

System Design

We offer expert consultancy to organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. Our team has many years' experience in system planning and design and we are committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make the right choices about improving your communications


Muzzam Teknologi can maximise the reliability, security and efficiency of your network by ensuring it is comprehensively maintained, patched and upgraded as appropriate. 

Two Way Radio Rental

Our two-way radio rental service is the ideal solution for organisations seeking extra flexibility and scalability from their radio communications. Perhaps you are a large public venue, and need additional radio hardware to cover a major event. Perhaps you are organising a construction project, and need to kit up a temporary workforce with mobile communications.



Reliable and resilient. Flexible and future-proofed.


Industry-proven mobile communications for the public safety.


The background of radio communication worldwide. Muzzam Teknologi offers exceptional support and clear digital migration path.


Simultaneous radio trasmission or Simulcast systems, are ideal when you have a wide area to cover and a limited number of frequencies available.


Work with one of the world's leading integrators of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) we helped to develop the protocols that underpin critical communications.

Our Clients

Some of Our Projects



In 2013, the company was  awarded a major project under the Ministry of Home Affairs which is to design, supply, install, test and commission a radio communication system for one of the PDRM branches...

With the company's expertise and strong support from our partner (SIMOCO),  Muzzam Teknologi has successfully completed the project development, to the extent of getting high recognition of being one of the most capable players in the telecommunication industry.

That success brought in another project in 2016 which further expands the radio coverage network throughout the Peninsular Malaysia including part of East Coast area. With much experience gained from the previous phase, Muzzam Teknologi step up the excellent record by delivering the project much earlier than the expected schedule.

The company's task currently continues to a long-term role which is to support and maintain the radio system. Muzzam Teknologi, through our dedicated service and maintenance taskforce, strives to provide PDRM with an utmost reliable system to ensure the radio network continuity and stability.

In line with current technological developments, Muzzam will always provide technology updates over time to ensure the user's satisfaction. 



Starting from 2015, we develop software, design and planning, commissioning the summon system and get network-linked through using wifi and intranet, we do fully integrate with existing online payment system by using windows and android based technology and features. Ruggedize device and anti-theft function gives benefit to end-user. 



Maintenance on IT based including hardware and software. Comes with total solution together with HP and Dell as well as other principal too. Consumable item like printers, PCs, network solution, CCTV and other related to IT gives advantage to Muzzam Teknologi to enhance our business.